#ALE2011 Afterglow

So the ALE2011 is over a week and I’m sitting here at the Baltic sea, spending some days together with my family in the beginning fall to relax, come down, getting away from it all. A good chance to see what the ALE un-conference was for me.

To make it short: It was a great event. I got many insights and new ideas, heard some very good and inspiring talks, met a lot of interesting people. One of my personal findings is to get and stay in contact with more agile people from across Europe, not only with the local community. First step in this direction: I will start blogging in English, too.

I also need to show our product owners what the meaning behind the word “agile” is. I will try to get them (or at least some promising ones) to such an event like the ALE2012. It was good to see that I am not alone with the problems in my company on the hard way to get agile. As Rachel Davies said in her keynote: “The agile enterprise is still a dream.” What I also noticed was the fact that there were many consultants and “evangelists”, but less developers and managers there. Frankly I think this has to change to spread the spirit.

What where my personal highlights? Well, first of all the Open Space sessions, where the most interesting themes where discussed by the most interesting people. My favorite talks where:

I hope I will be at the ALE2012, too. And it would be great if I could manage it to get involved in the organization.